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Kick 'em while they're down.
      Well, we'd like to plan something of a celebration. It's a rare occasion when a Mom & Pop brings down a corporate giant.
       Over the last fifteen years BLOCKBUSTER put nearly everyone out of business. They're doing it still. They are vertically integrated with the studios so they don't pay as much for videos. When it looked like small niche stores were emphasizing indie films, BLOCKBUSTER arranged to go to Sundance and sign exclusive deals for upcoming indies. Then they sit on those titles and no one gets to see them.
       TOONS has been struggling against our own BLOCKBUSTER adversary for three years. It's high time they beat a retreat out of Dodge.
       We'll miss them. We were working on a new ad campaign:
"Bad news: We've had to adjust our prices for the competition.
All crappy movies now cost more and late fees are way more.
Better movies are still $2.81 for 2 days. Additional days are $1.
The good news: We don't rent crappy movies."