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Blockbuster quiting
      It looks like our competitor across the street is finally calling it quits. Around the country BLOCKBUSTER has been putting Mom& Pop video stores out of business. Finally the reverse is going to happen here!
       BLOCKBUSTER never had to do market studies to determine where to locate. They merely looked for where there was a video store and then they put themselves across the street and drove that competitor out of business. They did this to countless stores in Colorado Springs, among them VIDEO WEST. They are still laying siege to STAR VIDEO on Platte and Murray. SKYWAY VIDEO had to close based on just the rumor that BLOCKBUSTER was coming.
       TOONS started in video rentals in 1997 and shortly thereafter BLOCKBUSTER moved in. We ran into a BLOCKBUSTER exec in Telluride who excitedly announced their intentions to serve the downtown area. They were even planning to carry art films. We couldn't help but take it personally.