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Hold off buying DVDs?
     A self-serving argument, maybe. But for the time being a person might want to hold off collecting their favorite movies on DVD in favor of renting them.
     With the advent of High Definition Television -TV signals will be broadcast in HDTV begining next year- current DVDs will look too grainy. Collectors will want to start anew with a better medium.
     CDs are already facing a similar obsolescence. While we've all been tossing our LPs in favor of CDs, audiophiles have been proclaiming their preference for the warmer tones of the old records. Finally the music industry is admitting that the digital signal encoded on our CDs is not a natural representation of the sound. The industry is now poised to sell us Audio DVDs which contain four times the digital information to better approximate the analog sound our ears long to hear!
     Movies on DVD have no better picture than Laserdiscs, actually. Better maybe to rent DVDs and wait to own the HDTV incarnations?